Michel Cekalovic


Enrico my son living on earth as a teenager. And all the chaos the surrounds him when he needs to focus on whatever he wants to do in life. Now I tell him squash your eye’s and look at the painting, tell me what do you see.      

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Gold Core

7 april 2017By cekalovic

This is one of my latest paintings witch I named “Gold Core“. There was a nice documentary on the earth core and it’s melted stone wanting to brake thru the earth crust, witch gave some real nice pictures. This gave me a thought, what if……….. the core was pure Gold??? Would it work the same way?

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birth of Inti

This is one of my latest 3d work, an abstract version called ‘birth of Inti‘. Inti is the ancient Incan sun god. The base is made of wood from Vietnam. On top I put a coper tubing to hold the  vine witch is imported from Indonesia. In the vine I put some remote Led light so

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Honu (turtle)

6 april 2017By cekalovic

Honu (turtle)    One of my new carvings, The Turtle. He is one of the most important and popular element in Polynesian culture. It’s connected to many meanings and the most common ones are long life (eternity), wellness, fertility, union, family and harmony. It also symbolizes the navigator. To order please > click here <

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