Bone carved Bracelet for Men

All bone carvings are done by hand from cow bone and inspired by the designs used in the Polynesian islands.
The Paracord Type3 I use is made in the US and is available in almost ALL colours!

For ordering I need your wrist measurement and colour of the paracord.
All bracelets free shipping world wide!

Please contact me to give your size and color

Mako upon hama (Hammerhead shark)

Polynesians, the ancestors of Māori, thought of sharks as guardian spirits. Many Hawaiian families had an aumakua, or shark protector.

In Māori mythology, the demi-god Māui placed the shark Te Māngōroa in the sky, forming the Milky Way. Sharks and rays, along with other animals living in the sea, were considered to be the children of the ugly god Punga.

Several Māori legends relate to sharks. In the far north, the ocean taniwha Ruamano took the form of a mako shark. If a waka (canoe) overturned, the crew called upon Ruamano to deliver them safely to land. In another legend, when the canoe captained by Tamatekapua was voyaging towards New Zealand, it met Te Parata, an ocean creature who almost swallowed the canoe and its crew. They were saved by a shark, and in its honour the crew renamed the canoe and their tribe Te Arawa (shark).

Māori likened their warriors to sharks, invoking them in battle cries such as: ‘Kia mate uruora tātou, kei mate-ā-tarakihi’ (let us die like white sharks, not tarakihi fish).

Name: Hammer Head nr.: 1

Prize: € 54,95

Please send me your wrist size and a color of the Paracord you wish.

Size table:
S  (15cm – 17cm)
M  (17cm – 19cm)
L  (19cm – 21cm)
XL (21cm – 23cm)

If your wrist is smaller or bigger please contact me so I can make a custom size free of charge.

All colores are available, below are just some examples.

Black White Imperial Red Rust
Solar Orange Mustard Sand (Tan 380) Yellow
Moss Dark Green Emerald Green Kelly Green
Mint Turquoise Electric Blue Navy Blue
Neon Green Neon Yellow Neon Orange

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